The University of Skövde has a strong research focus on the development of advanced software systems in a close cooperation with industrial partners for a variety of applications. The team from University of Skövde in this project is active in the area of virtual manufacturing (VM), decision support systems, cognitive and ergonomic work place design, assembly planning and simulation. Being elected as Volvo Preferred Academic Partner within VM, the University of Skövde is well recognized by the automotive industry as the leading research group in Sweden in the area of VM in general and web-based systems in particular. The research team has more than 10 years of experience and know-how in integrating VM with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other ICT systems. Over years, it has developed and acquired various R&D tools that are instrumental to monitoring, data analysis, planning, simulation and optimisation for balancing manufacturing production lines. The team has also developed tool-kits for sensor data collection, data analysis, information sharing, and operator assistance using handheld devices. The strong VM and production background of the team can contribute to the MANUWORK project by our long-term experience of collaborating with industry in both automated and manual production, assessment of shop-floor operators’ sensorial and cognitive capabilities as well as innovative control methods and delivering project solutions well tested and proved in simulated environment. Together with Volvo Cars Corporation, the University of Skövde also has well documented knowledge and experience of decision support systems for shop-floor operators.